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Quiz: Bat Loves The Night Vocabulary Quiz

It is important as a tourist to know which roads to use to reach your destination and the feeder roads around it. How well do you know the Bassett Green Road in Southampton? Take up this quiz and see if you are ready to drive across it. All the best!

Question 3 / 10

After I threw the paper airplane in the sky, it _______ towards the ground.

Question 4 / 10

I flipped the shirt inside out so that it was _______.

Question 5 / 10

Bats sleep during the day and hunt at night because they are _______ animals.

Question 6 / 10

If you want to win you need to use _______.

Question 7 / 10

The cat gets sleepy after it's nap so it usually _______ off.

Question 8 / 10

The bat _______ down from it's roost to start flying and hunting for food.

Question 9 / 10

I left out one very important _______ when I was telling my story.

Question 10 / 10

The butterfly was _______ her wings, as she flew by.

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