Quiz: Burn the Witch

I'm trying to get hold of a copy of 'Burn the Witch', but I can't be speaking too clearly as everyone seems to be misunderstanding me. Can you work out what's going on?

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The first person that I speak to seems to think that I'm trying to 'earn the flitch' and explains to me what should be done - apparently, "in twelvemonth and a day" a married couple must swea

Question 2 / 10

The next person I speak to appears to think that I am saying 'fern the bitch' and eagerly tries to sell me the book 'Where the Red Fern Grows'. With apologies for turning the noun into a verb

Question 3 / 10

Unfortunately the next person I speak to seems to think that I have begun to 'gurn and twitch' and advises me to consult a doctor immediately as I have obviously been taking the drug MDMA. Wh

Question 4 / 10

The next person seems to believe that I want to 'turn to rich' and starts telling me a cautionary tale about some king who wanted to turn everything he touched to gold - what is the name of t

Question 5 / 10

The next person I talk to, even though I speak as clearly as possible, seems to think that I want to 'learn to skritch'. Which famous beagle enjoyed being 'skritched' on the head by his maste

Question 6 / 10

Not again! This time someone thinks I need to 'turn a hitch'. Given that a hitch is a sort of knot used to tie a rope to something else, can you spot the hitch that I have made up?

Question 7 / 10

I'm still not getting anywhere - the next person I talk to seems to think I am confirming directions somewhere and agrees that I should 'turn at the lych'. What, in Britain, is a lych gate th

Question 8 / 10

I just can't be speaking clearly enough. The next person thinks I am asking how to 'earn a stitch'! What is not likely to be a cause of a side (or anywhere else) stitch when exercising?

Question 9 / 10

At last someone understands the first word - admittedly they think I want to 'burn the snitch', but it's progress of a sort. In the unlikely event that I did want to burn a snitch, what would

Question 10 / 10

At last, someone who understands that what I want to purchase a song! The trouble is, I've been on the telephone so long that I've forgotten which artist(s) sang 'Burn the Witch'...please can

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