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Quiz: Can You Score 27/35 On This Difficult WWII Quiz?

War is hell.That is for sure!And World War II was simply mindblowing when you look at the numbers. Estimates put the number of dead at the end of the war at between 50 and 70 million.And many of these were women and children. It's so sad when the innocent die as a result of world leaders flexing their muscles.After the punitive measures of the Treaty of Versailles after World War I, it's obvious that someone like Hitler would rise up and stir up the German nation. Hitler's rebuilding of the Germany army, navy and air force was left unchecked. The League of Nations did nothing. Harold MacMillan declared after visiting Hitler that there would still be "peace in our time".A few years later, and Britain and Germany were at war.Pearl Harbor and the Japanese attack on it brought the United States into the war in 1941.And from there on, it was a case of someone needing to win. The Allies consisting of the USSR, Britain and the Commonwealth and the United States against the Axis, mainly consisting of German, Japan and Italy.And we all know how it turned out. But at what cost!This is the ultimate in World War II quizzes covering a wide range of subjects from that conflict.If you know World War II, you should be OK! Let's see how you fare!Good luck!

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Name the B-29 Superfortress that dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Question 2 / 35

Emperor _______ was the Japanese supreme leader during World War II.

Question 3 / 35

The leader of the Soviet Union during World War II was?

Question 4 / 35

The United States only entered the war in 1941. What event changed their isolationist policy?

Question 5 / 35

Future US President John F. Kennedy served with which branch of the armed forces during World War II?

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If the forces opposing German and Japan were known as the Allies, what were the alliance of those two countries and their supporters called?

Question 7 / 35

Toward the end of the Second World War, Japanese suicide attacks on Allied shipping were known as?

Question 8 / 35

The German field marshal, Erwin Rommel, was known by what nickname?

Question 9 / 35

Name the leader of the Italian government during World War II.

Question 10 / 35

Germans were called this slang word by British troops.

Question 11 / 35

To invade the United Kingdom, Germany had to defeat the Royal Air Force. Name the conflict that took place in the air above the United Kingdom in the summer of 1940.

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Hitler and the Nazis were responsible for the 'Final Solution' against the Jewish people. How many people lost their lives as a result?

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Name the American fighter plane that was the first to be able to escort bombers all the way to Berlin.

Question 14 / 35

Who uttered these famous words after the Battle of Britain? "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

Question 15 / 35

Can you name the American paratroop regiment made famous by the book and TV series, "Band of Brothers".

Question 16 / 35

In destroying Poland, France and other countries in Europe, Germany used a military tactic they termed "Blitzkrieg". What is the English term for this?

Question 17 / 35

Often called the "Angel of Death" which Nazi doctor escaped to South America to live out his years after the war?

Question 18 / 35

The Allied invasion of France in 1944 was known as _______?

Question 19 / 35

George Bush, a future US president, served with which branch of the armed forces during World War II?

Question 20 / 35

In 1940, the British Expeditionary force in France retreated to where to be evacuated back to Britain?

Question 21 / 35

True or false: Spain remained neutral during World War II.

Question 22 / 35

True or false: The Battle of Midway was the first loss incurred by Imperial Japanese navy during World War II

Question 23 / 35

What did the Allied forces commonly call German submarines?

Question 24 / 35

What was the name of the German campaign to invade the Soviet Union?

Question 25 / 35

Which army made use of the famous T-34 tank?

Question 26 / 35

The planned invasion of Great Britain by German was known as Operation Snowball. True or false.

Question 27 / 35

William Hitler, a relative of Adolf Hitler, served during the war for which country?

Question 28 / 35

Who was the British prime minister at the start of World War II?

Question 29 / 35

The Battle of Kursk during the German invasion of the Soviet Union is noted for what?

Question 30 / 35

The Royal Air Force counted among their numbers a pilot with no legs. What was his name?

Question 31 / 35

World War II ended with the surrender of Japan. This became known as V-J day. What date was it?

Question 32 / 35

On what day did Hitler commit suicide in 1945?

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Can you name the French leader at the time France declared war on Germany?

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How many people died in total during World War II, military and civilian alike?

Question 35 / 35

The official start date for World War II is?

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