Quiz: Christie Plots and Titles

Go through the plot from the Agatha Christie novel and identify the name of the novel.

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A family get together is in progress, when the master of the house is killed. Featuring a Spanish beauty, a bag of diamonds and a false moustache! Which is this Poirot mystery?

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A serial killer is on the loose and he has the gall to challenge Poirot. The killer is found and he confesses, but Poirot is not so sure. Which is this novel?

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A group of people assemble in a house in response to an advertisement and there is a murder. Two of the suspects are Pip and Emma! It takes all of Miss Marple's ingenuity to crack the case. N

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This story is set during World War II and features a Nazi plot to infiltrate an English coastal town. The central characters go about trying to unmask the spies. Which novel is this?

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Featured is a strange family, under the thumb of an autocratic mother. When the mother is murdered, each of the members of the family comes under suspicion. An injection syringe is the clue a

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A man plans with his wife to fake his death to escape the clutches of a blackmailer, but the plan turns awry and he really dies. A French detective arrests the son, but Poirot is not convince

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Three witches in a village perform black magic and people mysteriously die. The hero plans to find the truth, but his plan goes dangerously wrong and the heroine is on her death bed. Identify

Question 8 / 10

A Christie classic - a dead man is found and the suspect is the man's nephew. Poirot, who has retired to grow vegetable marrows, takes up the case. The novel features one of the most innovati

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A woman is murdered in a train and there is only one eyewitness, who saw the murder from a passing train. The body is found and the novel centers on a family, whose members are poisoned one b

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This novel features an Egyptian family in the year 2000, not AD but BC! Members of the family die one by one and no one knows who the murderer is. Which is this novel?

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