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Quiz: Do You Know All of These WWII US Navy Slang Words?

World War II lasted from 1939 to 1945 and involved ongoing battles between the Allies and the Axis. Navy personnel were also involved during this war, and as such, a variety of slang terms and phrases were used to describe situations, protocols and parts of the ship.Some phrases were used to denote emergency situations. For example, if someone shouted "Sound off the alarm," it meant that the alarm was about go off. Some phrases were also used for conversational purposes, including the word "over." For example, "Are you at your station, over." "I am at my station Captain, over." Other phrases were used to denote parts of the ship, such as "bow," "stern," "freeboard" and "aft." Another one was "bridge," which was referred to as the main command room.In this quiz, we're testing you on 35 different slang words that were commonly used by Navy personnel during World War II. Think you know what phrases like "beam," "barge" and "bulkhead" mean? If you ever get stuck on a question, we've also provided 1 hint (per question) to help you out! Without further ado, it's time to take this WWII US Navy Slang quiz to see if you can score at least 90%!

Question 1 / 35

What does the word "chow" refer to?

Question 2 / 35

A "Flag Officer" refers to the ...?

Question 3 / 35

A "compartment" was a fancy way of saying ...

Question 4 / 35

What did the "galley" refer to?

Question 5 / 35

If today is a "field day," what does that mean?

Question 6 / 35

Which of these words is synonymous with "rope?"

Question 7 / 35

What does the word "rack" mean?

Question 8 / 35

Who was the "yeoman" with regard to the Navy?

Question 9 / 35

If you have to "swab" the deck, you have to ...

Question 10 / 35

Which of these phrases refers to the hospital?

Question 11 / 35

What does the phrase "sack out" mean?

Question 12 / 35

If someone is going to the "head," where are they going?

Question 13 / 35

The "complement" was another way of saying ...

Question 14 / 35

If you were stationed at a "conn," where were you specifically stationed?

Question 15 / 35

To immediately stop something is to ...

Question 16 / 35

What did a "bogey" refer to?

Question 17 / 35

If you did something bad, you were often put in the ...

Question 18 / 35

A receipt was also called a ...

Question 19 / 35

To throw something over the ship and into deep waters was known as ...

Question 20 / 35

The two-hour window to eat dinner was called a ...

Question 21 / 35

A Captain's quarters were referred to as the ...

Question 22 / 35

Chains and cables were stored in the ...

Question 23 / 35

What did the "CIC" stand for?

Question 24 / 35

To go "flank speed" is to go ...

Question 25 / 35

The opening of a door was called the ...

Question 26 / 35

What was a student officer called?

Question 27 / 35

What does an "OOD" stand for?

Question 28 / 35

What does "pogey bait" mean?

Question 29 / 35

If you had to wash dishes, you had to report to the ...

Question 30 / 35

What does "PX" mean?

Question 31 / 35

What did "skivvies" refer to?

Question 32 / 35

A 4-hour shift that involves some type of work was called a ...

Question 33 / 35

If someone will do as they are told, this is known as ...

Question 34 / 35

A "swabbie" is known as a ...

Question 35 / 35

Clothes and accessories were often placed in a ...

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