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Quiz: Do You Know the Differences: Ford vs Chevy?

For generations, it’s the debate that’s roiled communities and driven families to physical violence at Thanksgiving dinner. No, it has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats – it’s the Ford versus Chevrolet controversy, a topic that brings out the worst in brand fanatics. Some people swear that only Ford makes solid vehicles, while others insist that cars such as the Mustang are junk compared to Chevy icons like the Nova. Burn rubber in this car quiz now – do you really know the difference between Ford and Chevy?One of these companies is an all-American icon. The other was founded in part by a Swedish engineer. One virtually invented the concept of high-speed automobile manufacturing – the other followed suit. Do you really know the history of Ford and Chevy?When Henry Ford started making cars, he struck gold with early models. Chevy, on the other hand, needed a few more years before it really gained traction in the car and truck markets. Do you recall the big moments in early Ford and Chevy models?These days, both companies sell millions of high-quality cars and trucks, some with cutting-edge electric engines, and others with rumbling diesels. Do you know the engines found in the companies’ top sellers?Buckle up for this Ford and Chevy quiz now! We’ll find out if you’re “Built Tough” or if you’re “Like a Rock”!

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Which company is part of General Motors?

Question 2 / 30

Which company produced an iconic car called the Model A?

Question 3 / 30

Chevy uses which iconic shape for its car emblem?

Question 4 / 30

Ford makes an array of low-emissions diesel engines called _______.

Question 5 / 30

Which company is famed for its dependable small-block engine?

Question 6 / 30

The ZL1 is a powerful version of the _______.

Question 7 / 30

In the early 1900s, how did Ford accelerate the automobile construction process?

Question 8 / 30

True or false, was the Stove Bolt Six Chevy's first six-cylinder engine?

Question 9 / 30

The flathead V8 was a popular (and powerful) engine built by _______.

Question 10 / 30

What sort of vehicle is the Chevy Corvette?

Question 11 / 30

Which company was the first to market a turbocharged production car?

Question 12 / 30

What was the basic engine behind the first monster truck ever to crush small cars — Bigfoot?

Question 13 / 30

The first Bigfoot monster truck was based on the Ford _______.

Question 14 / 30

The Volt is hybrid car from _______.

Question 15 / 30

What was the biggest of the Chevy small-block engines sold from the '50s to the 2000s?

Question 16 / 30

In 1980, why did Ford have to recall more than 20 million vehicles?

Question 17 / 30

The LT5 went into the very first Corvette ZR-1 in 1989. How much horsepower did it generate?

Question 18 / 30

Ford's Crown Victoria is famous for its use in which industry?

Question 19 / 30

Which company produced a well-known 337 engine?

Question 20 / 30

The Ford Mustang essentially created which market segment?

Question 21 / 30

In the 1960s, which company introduced the Taunus V4 engine?

Question 22 / 30

Which was made first, the Chevy Impala or the Ford Capri?

Question 23 / 30

Which company revolutionized the workday for ordinary Americans?

Question 24 / 30

The DLD is a type of _______ from Ford.

Question 25 / 30

Which company made an iconic vehicle in 1957?

Question 26 / 30

Which model might be equipped with a Duramax engine?

Question 27 / 30

Which company gained fame for its "flatty" engine?

Question 28 / 30

Which old car often had to be driven up steep inclines in reverse, primarily because that gear offered more power than drive?

Question 29 / 30

In 1989, Ford acquired a luxury car brand called _______.

Question 30 / 30

Which car had more horsepower, the Super Turbo Fire '57 Chevy with Super Turbo Fire engine or the '64 Mustang with Windsor HiPo V8?

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