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Quiz: Do You Know Your Math? Take Up The Quiz And Good Luck!

Math is an awesome subject and not everyone is a fan of a math test or class. The quiz below is designed to help you get familiar with some basic math problems and help you find some love for them. Do you believe we can help you? Take up the quiz and good luck!

Question 1 / 8

If I have a cirle with a radius of 50yds, what is the diameter?

Question 2 / 8

What is the square root of 49?

Question 3 / 8

What happens to the area of a rectangle when you double the legth of both sides?

Question 4 / 8

List one dimention of a rectangular prism with the wolume of 36ft3?

Question 5 / 8

If you are selling 15 c-ds to 3 costomers how many c-d does each customer have?

Question 8 / 8

A grocer sells 100 kg of jaggery partly at 10% profit and partly at 20% profit, gaining 12% on his outlay. How much does he sell at 10% profit ?

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