Quiz: Food I Loved As a Kid

This is a quiz on the subject of foods I loved as a kid. Do you think you can guess them correctly?

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One of my favorite foods when I was a kid was a vegetable. It was green, and it was also a favorite of Popeye the Sailor Man. What food am I talking about?

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Another one of my favorite foods was a type of cooked chicken which was crunchy. What type of chicken could that be?

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I'm allergic to cake. On my birthday I would get pie instead. This pie is made from a nut that has a shell you have to break open to get to it. What sort of pie am I talking about?

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Another vegetable I enjoyed as a child was yellow and creamy. What could that be?

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This next food I mainly only ate when I visited my grandparents during the summer. It is a mixture of a meat and a side dish. The meat was a bird and the side dish is usually white, small, an

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My favorite soft drink (soda) as a kid was named after a type of fairy or pixie, also known as an Elemental fairy associated with water. What do you think my favorite soft drink as a child wa

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Another favorite soft drink of mine was named after a doctor. I like to think Nurse Salt knows the answer but what do you think it could be?

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Getting back to food I loved as a child, this one is actually my favorite. It's a fruit that most kids in my youth mistook as a vegetable, even me. It's round and green and often stuffed with

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As a child there was a certain type of ice cream I liked that most of my friends found peculiar. It was brown, had a strong taste to it, and it is actually based on a drink that many adults h

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This last food almost every single kid loves. When I was young it was for special occasions. It's flat and round, and can have many toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, tomato sauce

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