Quiz: Grammar Quiz: Test Your Grammar Knowledge With Questions

Whether it’s your mother tongue or something new to you, you’ll naturally develop a much firmer grasp on the English language with time – but you’d still be surprised how few people could tell you the difference between a noun and a verb! Have you got a good handle on grammar? Find out with this Grammar Quiz: Test your grammar knowledge with questions!

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Pronoun is often defined as a word as can be which can be used as noun.

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VERB Is perhaps tha most important part of the sentence.

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Adverb is a part of speech primarily used to modify a verb, adjective or other adverb.

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Adjective is an describing word..

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Conjunction are word that join to parts of a sentence.

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Preposition describe a relationship between other words in a sentence.

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Interjection is a big name for a little word.

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I will tell you a story about a lion.

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I wanted vanilla, chaocolate and mint chip.

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She, he,they and them areexample of what parts of speech?

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Drink, drunk, and drinking is an examples of what part of speech?

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He walked quickly. is an example of what parts of speech?

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