Quiz: Historic Hastings

Every Brit knows about the Battle of Hastings, but the town has also made a few other contributions to British history. This quiz calls for a general knowledge of British history and life rather than a detailed knowledge of Hastings.

Question 1 / 10

There is no evidence of a town on the site of Hastings before Saxon times, but the Romans were active in the area. What natural resource attracted the Romans?

Question 2 / 10

Which English king was killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066?

Question 3 / 10

In the Middle Ages Hastings, Romney, Hythe, Dover and Sandwich enjoyed certain privileges from the Crown in return for providing ships and men for the defence of the Channel coast. What name

Question 4 / 10

Hastings was incorporated as a borough in 1588. What important event in English history took place in that year?

Question 5 / 10

In the reign of Charles II, the son of a Hastings clergyman played a major part in denouncing alleged "Popish plots" against the King. What was his name?

Question 6 / 10

In the 1820s a prosperous London builder called James Burton began building a new seaside resort to the west of Hastings in order to attract rich and fashionable visitors and residents. What

Question 7 / 10

Hastings is the venue for an annual international competition, held around the New Year, in which indoor game?

Question 8 / 10

Robert Tressell wrote a novel of working-class life in the early twentieth century, based on his own experience as a house-painter in Hastings. What is the novel called?

Question 9 / 10

A Scottish inventor lived in Hastings for a short time in the 1920s, and did some work there on his most famous invention. Who was he and what was his invention?

Question 10 / 10

Priory Meadow, a shopping precinct in the centre of the town, was formerly a popular first-class venue for which sport?

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