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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Nutrition? Trivia Facts Quiz

This quiz tests to see how much you know about proper nutrition for health. The information for the questions I've created is from a book series titled "Encyclopedia of Foods and Their Healing Power" and "Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants" written by Dr. George Pamplona-Roger. I make no claims of ownership on his writing or research, but the questions themselves have been created by me with his information. If you want to study before, during, or after taking this quiz, the ISBN number for the first book series is 84-7208-184-2, and the ISBN for the second book series is 84-7208-157-5. As a nationally certified medical assistant, I highly recommend these books because the information in them is invaluable to a healthy lifestyle. Thi

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The healthiest source of protein is meat, poultry, fish, or eggs.

Question 5 / 10

Many forms of cancer can be avoided with proper diet and lifestyle.

Question 6 / 10

Eating less than one would like is a key to better health and longer life.

Question 8 / 10

Name one of the top 3 of these foods that have the highest amount of calcium. non-fat natural yogurt corn tortillas sardines cottage cheese sesame almonds soy milk white sugar non-fat milk bl

Question 10 / 10

What are the 3 highest sources of provitamin A on this list?

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