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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Allied Forces of WWII?

World War Two lasted from 1939 to 1945, killing between 50 and 80 million people, and was the greatest conflict in world history (a title that it thankfully still retains). The conflict was fundamentally between two groups. First were the Axis Powers of fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, and Nazi Germany. These three countries shared a rabidly racist and bigoted ideology that said that their innate superiority gave them the right to colonize, conquer, and exterminate pretty much everyone else. A few Eastern European countries subsequently joined them in that particular endeavor. They started off by arming themselves very dramatically and murdering those of their own people they decided were bad news and then launched wars of aggression.Ranged against the Axis powers were the Allies. These nations started their alliance as just a trio, and soon expanded to include others. Their primary goal in the war was to defend their homelands and those of their allies against Axis aggression. It was also eventually clear to them that it would be necessary to demolish the Axis regimes entirely, for three main reasons. One was that containment was clearly not a viable option, second was that the Axis powers could not be allowed to continue to perpetrate genocide on innocent people, and third was that the Allies were all countries where the Enlightenment was born, and thus democracy was written into their DNA. Their heroism not only saved millions of lives and the whole planet from domination, but it also secured two generations of democracy. Let's see how well you remember them.

Question 1 / 35

The Allies came together to oppose the _______ powers.

Question 2 / 35

What aggression did the Allies seek to oppose?

Question 3 / 35

At the start of WWII, the Allies consisted of _______.

Question 4 / 35

Great Britain and France declared war on Germany when it invaded _______.

Question 5 / 35

Which country began as a friend of Germany, but later became an Allied power?

Question 6 / 35

The U.S. had hoped to be _______ during the war.

Question 7 / 35

Which of these was a leader of the Allied powers?

Question 8 / 35

Neville Chamberlain was famous for wanting _______ with Germany.

Question 9 / 35

Who became president after Franklin D. Roosevelt died?

Question 10 / 35

The Allied forces from WWII were eventually called _______.

Question 11 / 35

Who was General of the U.S. Army during World War II?

Question 12 / 35

Who led the invasion of Normandy?

Question 13 / 35

Which of these was a particularly important general in North Africa and Europe?

Question 14 / 35

Who was the leader of the Republic of China?

Question 15 / 35

Which of these other countries joined the Allied nations?

Question 16 / 35

After China joined the Big Three, they were eventually called _______.

Question 17 / 35

Who was "Old Blood and Guts"?

Question 18 / 35

How many countries signed the original declaration by the United Nations?

Question 19 / 35

Who said, "A joke is a very serious thing."

Question 20 / 35

Before joining the Allies, the U.S. provided _______.

Question 21 / 35

In what year did China join the Allies?

Question 22 / 35

Of all the Allied powers, the U.S. was closest with _______.

Question 23 / 35

The origins of the Allied powers stem from the Allies of _______.

Question 24 / 35

During the Great Depression, Germany blamed their economic crisis on _______.

Question 25 / 35

When Japan seized Manchuria in 1931, they were condemned by _______.

Question 26 / 35

The post-WWI war between China and Japan was known as the _______.

Question 27 / 35

WWII pitted strong democracies against _______.

Question 28 / 35

Which of these powers switched from Axis to Allied powers towards the end of the war?

Question 29 / 35

The role of the United Nations was to establish a world of _______.

Question 30 / 35

Many of the Allies in WWII were also co-founders of _______.

Question 31 / 35

In what year did the USSR annex the Baltic States?

Question 32 / 35

Which colonies fought alongside their metropolitan countries?

Question 33 / 35

What was the name of the organization of officially neutral countries?

Question 34 / 35

Which of these was occupied by the Allies for most of the war?

Question 35 / 35

The Atlantic Charter was negotiated _______ the U.S. entered the war.

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