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Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Numbers and Statistics of WWI?

When the Central Powers and Allies sauntered in to World War I, they had no idea what they were really getting into. What started as a gentleman’s adventure quickly devolved into the world’s first truly industrialized killing fields, laying waste to men and machines in fits of gore that were — and still are — unimaginable. Do you know you know the bloody statistics of the Great War?World War I wasn’t really the first global war, but it certainly brought murder and mayhem to new lows. Do you know which Central Powers country suffered the most casualties in the war? How about on the side of the Allies?WWI featured newfangled killing machines paired with outdated military strategies … and the result was depressingly predictable. What’s more, civilians suffered by the droves, too. Do you know how many innocent people lost their lives as the war set their lives on fire?Do you think you understand how effective the tools of death were during this conflict? The war introduced terrible new technologies that snuffed out lives from miles away. What do you really know about the misery of these weapons? Millions of lives were lost and countless families were broken in World War I. Let’s see if you have any idea just how bad the Great War really was. Take our WWI statistics quiz now!

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How many American troops died during the Great War?

Question 2 / 30

The first day Battle of the Somme was the deadliest single day of the war. How many casualties did the British suffer on that ONE day?

Question 3 / 30

The Battle of the Somme lasted from July until November 1918. How many total casualties did the British suffer during that battle?

Question 4 / 30

Which of the following weapons caused the greatest number of casualties during WWI?

Question 5 / 30

Which country had the most troops killed in WWI?

Question 6 / 30

How many total military deaths were there during the Great War?

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Both sides used homing pigeons to ferry messages from place to place during the war. How many pigeons were in WWI?

Question 8 / 30

Which Central Powers country suffered the SECOND-most number killed during the war?

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By the end of of the 140-day Battle of the Somme, how far did the British advance?

Question 10 / 30

How many countries were involved in the Great War?

Question 11 / 30

Which Allied nation had the most troops killed during the war?

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The self-powered machine gun became a common weapon in WWI. What was the weapon’s effective range?

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The Western Front stretched for about 470 miles. How many miles of trenches were there along this front?

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About how many civilians perished during the war?

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The French suffered mightily in the war. What percentage of its total population did the country lose during the conflict?

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The first airplane was flown by the Wright Brothers 15 years before the war. How many planes were built by both sides in WWI?

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True or false, did most military deaths in WWI result from diseases?

Question 18 / 30

Which disease caused about one-third of military deaths during the war?

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About how many casualties did chemical weapons cause?

Question 20 / 30

Artillery-style weapons caused about _______ of all casualties.

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How many "kills" did a pilot have to notch to be considered an "ace"?

Question 22 / 30

How many kills did the famous Red Baron of Germany tally during the war?

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Germany deployed about 400 U-boats in the war. How many ships did those U-boats sink?

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How many United Kingdom soldiers are buried at the site of the Battle of the Somme in unknown graves?

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The first British tanks in the war had a maximum speed of about _______.

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By 1918, what percentage of the U.S. Navy had contracted the Spanish flu?

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How many zeppelin airships did Germany deploy for bombing raids during the war?

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What percentage of American military personnel in Europe contracted sexually-transmitted disease during WWI?

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Which Allied nation had the FEWEST killed in action during the war?

Question 30 / 30

How many combined total casualties, including civilians, were there in WWI?

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