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Quiz: icarly: idate a Bad Boy Episode Quiz

It’s the show about the girl who was vlogging before it was cold, iCarly was the wonderful show on Nickelodeon which sees Carly Shay and her friends Freddie and Sam deal with life in high school with a successful internet show on the side. In the following quiz, we’ll be taking a look at double-episode ‘iDate a Bad Boy’! What do you remember about this TV movie? Let’s find out!

Question 2 / 13

Carly kisses like a _______ *Easy*

Question 3 / 13

Who sent in the video of themselves eating snowflakes? *Easy*

Question 4 / 13

What was the first pee wee doll Griffin introduced to Carly? *Medium*

Question 5 / 13

Carly and Sam gave a boy a haircut, what was his name? *Easy*

Question 6 / 13

Carly sarcastically suggested that a _______ should join Carly and Spencer for dinner. *Easy*

Question 7 / 13

What colour was the umbrella in Spencer's drink? *Hard*

Question 8 / 13

What colour were Peter Penguins earmuffs? *Hard*

Question 9 / 13

Griffin has how many pee wee babies in his closet. *Hard*

Question 10 / 13

What did Griffin win on the internet auction site? *Easy*

Question 11 / 13

What was the "overweight" mailmans name? *Medium*

Question 12 / 13

Spencer was how many years old when he started kissing girls. *Easy*

Question 13 / 13

What time was it when Spencer got back from the Groovy Smoothie? *Challenge*

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