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Quiz: If You Get More Than 11 Right on This Quiz About the Occult, You Just Might Be a Witch

There's no denying that bits and pieces of the occult have gone mainstream. Almost everyone has seen the movie "The Craft," for generations rockstars were accused of doing all sorts of occult rituals, and for a while, even the mega international beauty retailer Sephora was selling a Witch Starter Kit alongside their lipsticks. A lot of people claim to be witchy because they like wearing black or staying up late, but there is much more to it than that. Occult traditions have spanned the earth for centuries and exist in almost every culture.  From the ancient Taoists of China, who believed in pursuing immortality through the creation of elixirs, to the ancient Egyptians, who mummified and performed rituals on their dead to ensure their souls could pass into the afterlife, there is so much more to the traditions of the occult than watching a movie or putting on a costume. In fact, even the world's major religions have their occult roots and mythology. In Judaism, there is Qabbalah and in the Middle East there is a secretive blend of Islamic, Hindu and Greek esotericism called Druze.   So, are you ready to get truly spooky? Put your knowledge of the occult to the test with this truly esoteric quiz.

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In astrology, what is consulted for information about events and people?

Question 2 / 35

Which chakra is tied to our intuition?

Question 3 / 35

Which of these is commonly used to represent life, the world and knowledge throughout world myth and mysticism?

Question 4 / 35

The ankh is a famous symbol. Where does it come from?

Question 5 / 35

Are dreams important when it comes to the occult?

Question 6 / 35

All western zodiac signs are represented by a symbol. What symbol represents Gemini?

Question 7 / 35

When casting spells, which of these is important?

Question 8 / 35

Numerology involves the intersection of the occult and:

Question 9 / 35

Many Christian traditions come from paganism: True or False?

Question 10 / 35

When it comes to groupings of deities or mythic concepts, what number is common throughout many religions and philosophies?

Question 11 / 35

What is it called when a person projects their consciousness out of their body?

Question 12 / 35

What does the branch of magic called necromancy involve?

Question 13 / 35

Chemistry evolved from which mystic study?

Question 14 / 35

In Eastern spiritual practice, how many chakras is the body said to have?

Question 15 / 35

Which chakra is related to our ability to love?

Question 16 / 35

Real life zombies are associated with which practice?

Question 17 / 35

Do you have to use complex rituals to do effective prayer or spell work?

Question 18 / 35

If someone in an Aries, when were they born?

Question 19 / 35

What is black magic?

Question 20 / 35

Which of these is a system of numerology?

Question 21 / 35

In Western astrology there are four elements, but in Chinese astrology there are five. Which of these elements is in Chinese, but not Western astrology?

Question 22 / 35

What are the magical djinn of Islamic mythology called in the West?

Question 23 / 35

If someone wants to feel a spark of energy and get their blood pumping, which stone is for them?

Question 24 / 35

Jade is a crystal that is said to bring which of these to the wearer?

Question 25 / 35

Why is there so much misinformation and stigma about what is and is not considered occult?

Question 26 / 35

What is divination concerned with questions of?

Question 27 / 35

Sometimes you will see magic spelled "magick" when it is being used in terms of religion, practice, ritual or spirituality. Why?

Question 28 / 35

What element is the western zodiac sign Capricorn associated with?

Question 29 / 35

Which famous biblical figure is a renowned sorcerer in esotericism?

Question 30 / 35

Which pagan festival occurs on roughly May Day?

Question 31 / 35

There are many ancient and old types of belief and magical practice. Which one is fairly new?

Question 32 / 35

The stone amethyst is said to affect the body in which way?

Question 33 / 35

Which tarot deck is the most commonly used in the Western world?

Question 34 / 35

Samhain is a pagan festival that occurs roughly on Halloween. How is it pronounced?

Question 35 / 35

Which of these everyday spices is perfect for a love potion?

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