Quiz: Liverpool First

I wanted to prove there's more to my home town than two great football clubs, the Beatles and "a statue exceedingly bare".

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Liverpool was just a small, impoverished trading port until 1715 when engineer Thomas Steers founded the city's fortunes by designing the world's first what?

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Mathew Dobson was a Yorkshireman who practised as a physician in the Liverpool Infirmary during the late 18th century. He became very interested in one particular disease and tested many suff

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Kitty Wilkinson has a stained glass window dedicated to her memory in Liverpool Cathedral. During the great cholera epidemic in 1832, she opened up her kitchen so the poor could wash their be

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This next event was a first for the then Mayor of Liverpool and a last for the CSS Shenandoah when she sailed into Liverpool Harbour on November 6, 1865. Why was she so special?

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All right then, here's the football question! John Brodie was the designer of the first Mersey Tunnel (Queensway), but he also made a unique contribution to world football (after watching a g

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This Liverpool singer became the first British female artist to have a number one single in Britain with her song, "How much is that doggy in the window?" in 1953. Who was she?

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Beatles time! Where did Paul first meet John (who was playing there with the Quarrymen) on July 6, 1957?

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This Liverpool inventor designed the first toy based on engineering principles which would delight boys (and some of us girls when we could prise it off them). It was called Meccano, and toy

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Another football question (so the Reds don't feel left out)! What unbeaten feat did Liverpool player Jack Balmer achieve in November 1946?

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Finally, most people used to arrange to meet first dates and friends under Lewis's Department Store's famously bare statue. Among the first examples of 'modern' urban sculpture and called "Li

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