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What functional area is responsible for setting policies, procedures, and concepts for logistics plans support of assigned and programmed forces?

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The War and Mobilization Plan (WMP) consists of how many volumes?

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Who coordinates with the reception base or transit location on unique support requirements, suggested changes, or other impacts on reception planning?

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What criterion is used to assess an operations plan (OPLAN) compliance with the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) guidance and joint doctrine?

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A location in the United States or overseas that is a designated to collect unit type codes (UTCs) during a deployment is called

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Who forwards indirect mission support requests to the next approval level via the war readiness material program manager (WRMPM)?

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What does the expeditionary site survey planning process define?

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What implements, and augments presidential and Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) guidance that's forwarded in the Guidance for the Employment of the Forces (GEF)?

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Who does the War Readiness Material (WRM) Officer (WRMO)/NCO (WRMNCO) submit the WRM budget to and how often?

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Who is the principal adviser to the Secretary of the Air Force (SECAF) on Air Force activities and provides assistance for organizing air and space forces to meet combat commander (CCDR) requ

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Selected locations in the area of responsibility (AOR) where personnel and equipment are aggregated together are called

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Joint operations planning and execution system (JOPES) procedures that task military operations for humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, peacekeeping and or counter-drug operations are u

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The Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES) has how many phases?

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What senior war-fighting echelon plays an integral role as a Command and Control (C2) element during contingency and wartime operations?

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When providing functional area agreement coordinator (FAAC) training, the supplier support agreements manager is assisted by personnel from the

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What is an intermediate echelon of command, directly under the operational and support commands?

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Part II of the Base Support Plan/Expeditionary Site Plan (BSP/ESP) should be completed no later than how many days after the release of an updated planning document?

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Who may assign a functional data manager a user role in the Base Support and Expeditionary Planning Tool (BAS&E)?

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What is the last step in the unit type code (UTC) development process?

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The transfer of a unit, and individual, or supplies deployed in one area to another area, to another location within the area, or to home station is

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What order is developed during Crisis Action Planning when the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) approves and transmits the selected course of action (COA) issued by the Chairman and may direct t

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What volume of the War and Mobilization Plan (WMP) contains Unit Type Code (UTC) Availability and contains all postured UTC capabilities?

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When describing a concept of operations, and unnamed day on which a particular operation begins is know as?

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What War Readiness Materials (WRM) Functional area participates in WRM surveillance/staff assistance visits as requested by the Command War Readiness Material Officer (CWRMO)/NCO (CWRMNCO)?

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What caused the merger of Department of War and the Department of the Navy into the National Military Establishment (NME)?

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What Air Force instruction (AFI) governs War and Mobilization plan (WMP) -4, Wartime Aircraft Activity, Part 1 and Part 2?

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Who coordinates with Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) on all acquisition cross service agreement (ACSA) related issues, and ensures that all billing and collection requirements a

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How often should the Base Support Planning Committee (BSPC) hold meetings?

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The United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) controls what percentage of combat ready conventional forces?

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What contingency planning phase makes sure that a plan properly incorporates the mobilization, deployment, employment, sustainment, and redeployment of forces and resources?

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What crisis action phase involves the combatant (supported) commander's assessment to the President, Secretary of Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

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What is the key to successful expeditionary site planning and must function with senior leadership involvement?

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How many commands are responsible for managing war readiness material (WRM)?

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Which redeployment phase responsibility is determined by the post-redeployment mission of the redeploying force?

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When does the installation deployment officer (IDO) identify the total number of personnel affected during the worst case scenario?

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Who directs subordinate commands and forces as necessary to carry out all aspects of military operations?

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What operations plan (OPLAN) criterion is used when considering if the resources made available for planning are used effectively or are insufficient to satisfy plan requirements?

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