Quiz: Newcastle upon Tyne

Ten questions on the history of Newcastle Upon Tyne from the Normans to the 21st century.

Question 1 / 10

When was the very first castle built on the Tyne?

Question 2 / 10

Who founded the stone castle 'Newcastle Keep' in the twelfth century?

Question 3 / 10

Which long established independent school for boys was founded in the 16th century within the grounds of St Nicholas' Church?

Question 4 / 10

Newcastle has two cathedrals. What are they called?

Question 5 / 10

Who is the famous monument at the top of Grey Street and Blackett Street named after?

Question 6 / 10

Which world famous bridge does the Tyne Bridge resemble?

Question 7 / 10

Which famous film director is a 'Geordie'?

Question 8 / 10

Newcastle upon Tyne's famous football team is correctly known by which nickname?

Question 9 / 10

What is the name of the controversial sculpture by Antony Gormley completed in 1998?

Question 10 / 10

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art which was opened in July 2002 was previously used for what purpose?

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