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Quiz: Physics: Types Of Lenses And Mirrors! Quiz

Just how much do you know about the different types of lenses and mirrors? There are two types of lenses, and they each change the perspective of how things look. In this trivia questions quiz, you will get to learn some more about the different lenses and mirrors and how they differ from each other. Give it a try!

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What is the bending of light rays, due to a change in speed as the rays pass through a substance, called?

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Which type of mirror makes objects appear smaller, but the area of view larger?

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A convex lens will make an image appear _______ if the object is placed between the focal point and the lens.

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Mirrors _______ light rays to make an image.

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A _______ mirror is like the side mirrors on a car. "Objects are closer than they appear".

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An image formed with a lens , that can be projected onto a screen , is called a _______ image.

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Physics: Types Of Lenses And Mirrors! Quiz. Question 10

Is this a converging lens or a diverging lens?

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The typical mirror you look in at home or in a restroom is a _______ mirror.

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What is the medical word for nearsightedness?

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What type lens is used to correct farsightedness ?

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A _______ uses 2 convex lenses to magnify an object and make a smaller object larger.

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The image formed on the film in a camera and on the retina of your eye is _______.

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A _______ uses large mirrors to bring distant objects into closer view.

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If you are standing 4 feet from a plane mirror and looking into it, the image you see will be _______feet away from the mirror on the other side.

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A flashlight and the lights in a car use a _______ mirror to create a beam of light.

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