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Quiz: Quiz About Math Questions With Answers

Are you preparing for a math quiz and are now looking for some revision material. The quiz below is designed to help you get the highest grade you can get. Give it a try and get to know which problems you need to work more on. All the best of luck!

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What is an object measured in three dimensions of length, width, and height?

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What is the amount left over when a number can't be divided equally?

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How many sides of the same length does a rhombus have?

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What is the part of a line that has an endpoint and runs in one direction?

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What kind of clock has hands moving on it for showing hours and minutes?

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What is 10 - 4 equal to?

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What is the line segment where two faces of a solid figure meet?

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Which unit is used to measure angles or temperatures?

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If two objects have the same shape, but are different in size, then they are what?

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How many right angles does a square have?

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Which triangle has three congruent sides?

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