Quiz: Quiz Questions Over James And The Giant Peach Novel

A little magic can take you a long way. . . An adventure about James and his friends the Grasshopper, Centipede, Eathworm, the Spider and more! DISCLAIMER: Questions re-created by: WDM, Anna M. Daulton, Elementary School (3rd grade)

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Who does James meet in the clump of laurel bushes?

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Was the Bumblebee an insect James met in the peach patch?

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How many seagulls did it take to lift the peach?

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Were the cloud men rolling hailstones when James first saw them?

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What breaks the strings holding the seagulls to the peach?

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The Mayor of New York city gave James a ticker-tape parade?

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According to the story, _______ wrote the story?

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Where did the angry rhinoceros escape from when it ate James' parents?

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The old man gave James a _______ paper bag (color).

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How much did Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker charge the public to see the giant peach?

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The Centipede actually had _______ feet (how many)?

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The peach landed in the sea after it rolled out of the garden?

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Which of the insects was used as bait so they could escape the sharks?

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The _______ fell off the peach while it was up in the air?

Question 18 / 20

What were the cloud-men making when James and the insects saw them in the clouds?

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The peach landed on the Empire State Building when it fell out of the sky.

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_______ who lived inside the peach after it was placed in Central Park?

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