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Quiz: Quiz: Trivia On Physics Test!


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What sort of electricity do you get when you rub two balloons and they stick together?

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What is the word for getting rid of electrical charges by transferring it?

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Which of these might be put on a tall building to prevent damage from lightning strikes?

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What word means a loss of electrical power?

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What type of material is rubber, in terms of electrical flow?

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What material gets hot when electricity flows through it and resists the flow?

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What simple line drawings do people use to represent the electric flow?

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Which of the following is used to control the amount of current flowing?

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What piece of material attracts iron and some other metals?

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What is the device that makes alternating current called?

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What device is made of several cells connected in series?

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What do we call the machine that helps control the heart muscle's regularity?

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What is the potential energy in the nucleus of an atom called?

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What is the rapid back-and-forth movement that can cause sound called?

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What was the first sound-recording device called?

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