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Mr. Smith has an infection in 2 of the 5 lobes of his lungs. What is this called?

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If pneumonia is considered Consolidation, this means it's most likely to be which pneumonia?

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You would expect to see red hepatization in your bacterial pneumonia pt:

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Mary has pneumonia caused from a virus. What would you expect her to show in symptoms?

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Barry is 4 year old with pneumonia. What type is most likely the cause of his pneumonia?

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Luke has pneumonia that is caused by a virus and is very diffuse. What type of pneumonia does Luke have?

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What is the big concern of a pt who's head is not upright properly?

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After Gary was admitted to the hospital, he acquired pneumonia. How long did it take Gary to become sick?

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Do I need to study Marilyn's handout on pediatric differences?

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Nancy is a 2 year old with pneumonia. What is the most likely cause of her pneumonia?

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Blood infection in pneumonia is considered:

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Mrs. Anderson is showing patches on both sides of her lungs of infection. What does Mrs. Anderson have?

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Pneumonia is the leading cause of death from an infectious disease?

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This is caused by hemophilus influenza B and is life threatening:

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Tachycardia is a sign of pneumonia.

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