Quiz: Simba's "The Lion King"

Hey there! My name is Simba. Nala challenged me to a fun trivia game on my movie "The Lion King". But I don't remember all the answers! Try and take the quiz to help me out.

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Who is Simba's best friend?

Question 2 / 10

Sarabi is Nala's mother.

Question 3 / 10

Nala said, "I wonder if it's brains are still in there?"

Question 4 / 10

How many hyenas chased Simba and Nala throughout the elephant grave yard?

Question 5 / 10

Fill in the correct word: "Can you feel the _______ tonight..."

Question 6 / 10

Did Timon and Pumbaa save Simba at one time?

Question 7 / 10

What is the name of Simba's evil uncle?

Question 8 / 10

Do Nala and Simba have a lion cub of their own?

Question 9 / 10

Simba and Nala wanted Zazu to go with them to the watering hole.

Question 10 / 10

Did Scar die at the end of the movie?

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