Quiz: Simple "Rurouni Kenshin" TV Quiz

A very simple quiz for people who watch the TV series regularly.

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Kenshin Himura was previously known as what?

Question 2 / 10

What is the name of the true ultimate attack of the Hiten Mitserugi Style of swordfighting?

Question 3 / 10

Which of the following members of the Oni-Wabanshuu did Sanoske Sagara defeat?

Question 4 / 10

Does Sanoske use the Kamiya Kashin style of fighting?

Question 5 / 10

What is Soujiro Seta's main advantage in combat?

Question 6 / 10

How many times from the beginning of the TV series to Shishio's defeat is the ultimate attack of the Hiten Mitserugi Style used?

Question 7 / 10

What makes Kenshin Himura's sword so different from most other swords?

Question 8 / 10

The killer Jin-e was known as what to the police?

Question 9 / 10

What is the attack called when Kenshin leaps up and slams his sword downward on his opponent?

Question 10 / 10

Hajime Saitou's main attack, the Gatotsu, is what?

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