Quiz: The Witches of Pendle

A quiz about the Pendle witches of Lancashire, England.

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The thirteen Pendle witches of Lancashire became notorious following their trial. In what year was this trial conducted?

Question 2 / 10

In which Lancashire city or town were eleven of the witches tried and subsequently executed?

Question 3 / 10

By what means were the Pendle witches of Lancashire executed?

Question 4 / 10

All thirteen witches tried and convicted were females.

Question 5 / 10

Why was Jennet Preston jailed, tried and sentenced at York when all the others were dealt with in Lancaster?

Question 6 / 10

Two elderly grandmother figures and their respective families had fallen out with one another. Both were deemed to be Pendle witches. They gave evidence against one another. By what names wer

Question 7 / 10

It was Alizon Device who made the first voluntary confessions to having bewitched John Law in order to kill him. An incident that resulted in his dying from a seizure had occurred before her

Question 8 / 10

Seventeen Pendle people had allegedly been murdered by witchcraft by the Pendle witches. Which witch (is that alliteration?) was convicted of killing the most people?

Question 9 / 10

Each of the Pendle witches confessed to having a 'familiar spirit', i.e. an imp or spirit that served them through witchcraft. Which of these was NOT a familiar spirit that served a Pendle wi

Question 10 / 10

Robert Neill wrote an excellent, fictional yet historically accurate, novel about the Pendle witches that was published in 1951. What was its title?

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