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Quiz: Ultimate Maths Trivia

Maths is a very interesting subject and here we have a amazing quiz on it so take this ultimate challenging quiz and check your maths knowledge!

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How much should you tip on a $30 restaurant bill if you tip 20%?

Question 2 / 15

If you drive 20 miles to work every day, each way, how many miles do you travel in a work week?

Question 3 / 15

If you spend fifteen minutes a day on a coffee break, how much time is this per work week?

Question 4 / 15

If you buy a TV that costs $300, and the tax is 4 percent, what is the total price?

Question 5 / 15

Assuming sales tax is 6%, how much sales tax would you pay on a $500 purchase?

Question 6 / 15

If one person eats $25 in food a week, how much money will you need to feed four people a week?

Question 7 / 15

If you've gone 360 miles on 12 gallons of gas, how many miles per gallon do you get?

Question 8 / 15

If you've been paid $360 for completing 3,600 tasks, how much have you made per task?

Question 9 / 15

If a dog eats 2 cups of food a day, how much food will he eat in March?

Question 10 / 15

You pay your lawyer 20%, and need 100,000 to repair your house so how much should you sue for?

Question 11 / 15

If a five day vacations costs 2500 dollars, how much does each day cost?

Question 12 / 15

If college costs $25,000/year, how much should you save for 4 years of college?

Question 13 / 15

How many $5.00 items one can buy with $40.00?

Question 14 / 15

If I pay you $10.00 to paint a 2' x 2' wall, how much should I pay you to paint a 4' x 4' wall?

Question 15 / 15

If you leave the house at 8:15 a.m. and your trip takes 3 hours ten minutes, when do you arrive?

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