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Quiz: We'll Give You the Plotline, You Tell Us the '80s Movie Title

Ahh, the '80s. What a cinematic decade.  We had everything from "Howard the Duck" to "Platoon" to "Fatal Attraction." The '80s was the decade Hollywood amped up the idea of blockbuster cinema and started cranking out some of the biggest spectacles you could imagine.  It also had its fair share of clunkers but hey, nobody's perfect.From the amazing collected works of John Hughes to a solid decade of Schwarzenegger and Stallone manliness to Scarface and his little friend, there was definitely something for everyone.  Many of these movies became instant classics while a few others probably grew on you over time. Whatever your taste in film, there's got to be a ton you loved that came out of the '80s.  The question is, did you pay attention?  Are you a hardcore '80s cinephile? Do you know your Critters from your Ghoulies from your Gremlins? Your Sheens from you Estevez's? Your "16 Candles" from your "Pretty in Pink?"  And all based on the plotline alone?  It's time to dust off that old VCR, head back to the past (as opposed to Back to the Future) and try your hand at the quiz!

Question 1 / 35

A kid from New Jersey moves to Los Angeles and learns martial arts to defend himself from bullies.

Question 2 / 35

Four men use science to save New York City from the paranormal.

Question 3 / 35

A federal agent comes to Prohibition-era Chicago to take on Al Capone.

Question 4 / 35

Unable to fit in elsewhere, a group of social outcasts from their own fraternity at college to take on the jock-filled frat full of bullies.

Question 5 / 35

A private detective has to help a cartoon character clear his name after he's been accused of murder.

Question 6 / 35

A New York cop finds himself in a high-rise office building taken over by terrorists at Christmas.

Question 7 / 35

After getting an unusual little creature as a pet, a young man has to deal with the army of monsters it accidentally spawns.

Question 8 / 35

With the help of an eccentric scientist, a high school kid travels to 1955 and has to ensure his parents fall in love or else he'll never exist.

Question 9 / 35

An artificial intelligence sends a robotic killing machine from the future on a mission to kill the mother of the human resistance before he's born.

Question 10 / 35

A teenager's family forgets her birthday just before her sister's wedding as she struggles to gain the attention of the boy she likes while avoiding the one she doesn't.

Question 11 / 35

A diverse group of high school kids comes into school on the weekend to serve detention and wind up becoming friends.

Question 12 / 35

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a nomadic loner helps a small community of survivors fight a savage gang of bandits.

Question 13 / 35

A teenage girl wishes the Goblin King would take her little brother away, and then must track the baby through a maze full of incredible creatures.

Question 14 / 35

A gentle alien lost on Earth befriends a young boy who must help the creature avoid the government and return home.

Question 15 / 35

A hot shot Navy pilot must prove his skill at an elite training school against the best pilots in the military.

Question 16 / 35

Millionaire brothers make a bet that they can ruin one of their yuppie employees and replace him with a street-hustler they train to do his job in a nature-vs-nurture experiment.

Question 17 / 35

A group of kids go on an adventure to find a long-lost treasure while being pursued by a family of criminals.

Question 18 / 35

Teens at a summer camp on the lake are stalked by a masked killer.

Question 19 / 35

In futuristic Detroit, a police officer gunned down in the line of duty is resurrected as part man, part machine and all cop.

Question 20 / 35

A computer programmer finds himself trapped in the software world he created.

Question 21 / 35

A special forces team on a secret mission in a Central American jungle is stalked by an alien hunter.

Question 22 / 35

A city kid rebels against the powers-that-be in a small town that forbids dancing.

Question 23 / 35

A street-smart Detroit cop makes his way to California to solve the murder of a childhood friend.

Question 24 / 35

A macho truck driver tries to stop a 3,000-year-old sorcerer and his supernatural gang of thugs from sacrificing a green-eyed woman to release him from a curse.

Question 25 / 35

A heroic archaeologist battles against a cult in India to save the children of a local village.

Question 26 / 35

The spirits of a husband and wife who are trapped in their former house enlist the help of an unpredictable spirit to haunt the family that has moved in.

Question 27 / 35

A group of space marines join forces with the survivor of an extra-terrestrial encounter to investigate a group of colonists that vanished on a distant planet.

Question 28 / 35

A charismatic and mischievous teen skips school for the day with his girlfriend and uptight best friend.

Question 29 / 35

Two geeky friends making the perfect woman.

Question 30 / 35

A boy's wish that he was no longer a small child comes true.

Question 31 / 35

When their mom moves them to a small town, two teen brothers have to deal with the local gang of vampires.

Question 32 / 35

A strait-laced cop nearing retirement is forced to partner with a loose cannon as they get wrapped up in a murder investigation.

Question 33 / 35

When a man returns home after his father's death, he ends up taking care of his autistic older brother.

Question 34 / 35

Four boys go on an adventure to discover a dead body.

Question 35 / 35

A filmmaker documents the reunion tour of a fake rock band.

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