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Quiz: Were These Cowboys Real or Fictional?

Most cowboys rode in the American West if they were real people. Characters might not have. In the real world, we're restricted to the down-to-earth type of things while fiction allows us to explore possibilities and what could have been. For cowboys and cowgirls, days were typically spent on a farm or riding horses—sometimes even participating in competitions or hanging out at the saloon. For the cowboys and cowgirls in fiction, life could be a whole lot more. Fictional cowboys are no stranger to the unknown, for example.Often, real and fictional cowboys have a lot in common. In some way, they're often both tied to horses, and most can be considered as overall great people. They often share the same homes and travel on the same land. Sometimes. fiction can imitate real life where real cowboys might show up in stories or movies. These cowboys often left behind stories and legacies worthy of being told. Many real cowboys owned their own ranches where they lived and worked on a day-to-day basis.So, do you think you know your cowboys well enough to remember if they really lived, or if they were made up? You'll have to prove your knowledge by taking this quiz!

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After being freed from slavery in the Civil War, Bose Ikard became a cowboy. Do you know if he was real?

Question 2 / 35

A great shot with a gun, was Tom Doniphan a real cowboy or was he a character?

Question 3 / 35

Nat Love called himself "Deadwood Dick." Was Nat a real cowboy or was he made up?

Question 4 / 35

A true rancher at heart, Burton Mossman sure knows how to handle cattle. Was he real or not?

Question 5 / 35

BraveStarr took the wild west and made it futuristic. Was he real or fictional?

Question 6 / 35

This bronco rider is named Casey Tibbs. Do you know if he is a real cowboy or a fictional one?

Question 7 / 35

Starting his life out as a cowboy, Charles Colcord became a man of the law when he got older. Can you figure out if he was a real cowboy or not?

Question 8 / 35

This cowboy simply went by the name the "Man with No Name." Was this secretive cowboy real?

Question 9 / 35

This marshal had his life turned upside down shortly after marriage. Was Will Kane a real person?

Question 10 / 35

This woman, Charley Parkhurst, was actually thought to be a man by most. Do you know if she was real or fictional?

Question 11 / 35

Chuck Roberson is both a cowboy and an actor. Was he real or fake?

Question 12 / 35

Known for wearing his famous mask, can you tell if The Lone Ranger is real or fictional?

Question 13 / 35

A cowgirl who is mainly a bounty hunter, is Tallulah Black a real or fictional cowgirl?

Question 14 / 35

Conrad Kohrs was a cowboy in the American West, but he was not actually from America at all. Can you tell if he was a real person or a character?

Question 15 / 35

Woody is not only a famous cowboy, but also a credible sheriff. Is he real or fictional?

Question 16 / 35

Is Doc Scurlock, a cowboy who later turned into an outlaw, real or is he a character?

Question 17 / 35

Connie Douglas Reeves is one of the oldest cowgirls on the planet. Did she really exist or only in the books?

Question 18 / 35

This rootin', tootin' cowboy always went after rabbits. Can you tell if Yosemite Sam is real or fictional?

Question 19 / 35

This cowboy, Earl W. Bascom, was also a talented painter. Is he a real person?

Question 20 / 35

A respected sheriff, Frank Canton was also an outlaw at one time. Was he a real or fictional cowboy?

Question 21 / 35

This cowboy apparently loved to eat dynamite. Do you know if Pecos Bill is real or not?

Question 22 / 35

Another cowboy who took the role of sheriff, was George Scarborough a real of fictional cowboy?

Question 23 / 35

A cowboy of the American West, John Ware is also an icon in Canada. Was he a real person or out of someone's imagination?

Question 24 / 35

Associated with Tallulah Black, was Jonah Hex a real or made-up cowboy?

Question 25 / 35

Bill Pickett is an African-American cowboy that did his fair share of riding bulls, but do you know if he is a real person?

Question 26 / 35

This cowboy has an amputated leg. Is Hopalong Cassidy a cowboy from real life, or is he made up?

Question 27 / 35

Oliver Loving is known to be one of the most highly-respected cattle ranchers of the American West. Was he made up or real?

Question 28 / 35

This cowboy hung around with Buffalo Bob Smith quite a bit. Is Howdy Doody real or fictional?

Question 29 / 35

You might "marvel" at the thought of this character. Do you know if the Ringo Kid was real?

Question 30 / 35

John Chisum had an array of ranches throughout the land, but do you know if he was real or fictional?

Question 31 / 35

John Marston is a cowboy who once rode with a gang called the Van der Linde gang. Was he real or fictional?

Question 32 / 35

Although she's considered a cowgirl, Annie Oakley was known for her sharpshooting skills. Do you know if she was real or not?

Question 33 / 35

This cowboy goes by the name Buffalo Bill, and he knew how to put on a show. But can you tell us if he was real or fictional?

Question 34 / 35

Jake Lonergan is not only a cowboy, but a believer in the unknown. Was he a real cowboy?

Question 35 / 35

The unfortunate fate of Curly Washburn was death by heart attack. Can you tell if he was real or a character?

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