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Quiz: What Is Your Vegan Nutrition IQ?

Some people may be allergic to meat products or just prefer not to consume them. A vegan diet mostly consists of a wide variety of whole plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. How much more do you know about this diet? Take the quiz to find out.

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Most doctors are very knowledgeable about nutrition.

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Vegan diets are woefully deficient in vital nutrients.

Question 4 / 10

What part of your body is more likely to get cancer if you eat hot dogs and bacon frequently?

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You cannot be a world class athlete on a plant-based diet.

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The most prevalent diseases (cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes) of our time and in first world nations does not come from what is missing, but rather from excess.

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How many more years do non-meat eaters live compared to the average meat eater?

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