Quiz: What's Your Hearing Skill Level?

How well do you understand people who have a. . . "Loss of Hearing? " and, How well do you understand the "Retail Hearing Aid Business? " as a profession? Take this simple test and see how you score.

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Hearing impaired people know they have a hearing loss?

Question 2 / 16

The PAQ was one of the first organized hearing aid sales presentations?

Question 3 / 16

The "Audiogram" format was designed in 1949.

Question 4 / 16

Degree programs for Audiologists teach little or nothing about selling or fitting hearing aids at the retail level.

Question 5 / 16

Being likable and trustworthly are the two very important elements of a professional sales presentation.

Question 6 / 16

Re-selling a wearer of a hearing aid is easier than to a non wearer.

Question 7 / 16

Today, Over 50% of hearing aid sales are to non-wearers because of the number of Baby Boomers entering the senior population.

Question 8 / 16

Today, Over 50% of hearing aid sales are to non-wearers because digital hearing aids are such and improvement over old technogy.

Question 9 / 16

It is important to wait to the end of your presentation to tell the price.

Question 10 / 16

Hearing impaired people should be referred to as patients.

Question 11 / 16

Advertising costs should be less than 15% of the revenue they generate.

Question 12 / 16

A "Patient Finder" program is one of the best retail hearing aid marketing programs in the hearing aid profession.

Question 13 / 16

Hearing aids cost too much.

Question 14 / 16

It is a good practice to use "low ball" pricing in advertising.

Question 15 / 16

Spoual attendance is a significant part of the retail hearing aid presentation process.

Question 16 / 16

Who and how the phone is answered in your practice is very important.

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